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Canvass Board Duties
Each County has a Canvass Board that is responsible for several election functions including: certificaton of election results, and for conducting all recounts. Board members are appointed by the major political parties (two per party); the County Clerk & Recorder is also a member. NEW  Click for Duties.
Certify election results
Click Boulder County Canvassing Architecture for an overview of canvassing.
To certify election results, canvass boards first analyze election documents and computer files to independently determine:
  1. the number of electors that voted per contest,
  2. the number of ballots cast per contest,
  3. the number of ballots counted per contest, and
  4. the number of votes cast per contest.
After esablishing these independent counts, the board reconciles their independent counts with the corresponding counts reported by the election system.
Next, before certifying the Abstract of Votes, the board oversees a post election audit which endeavors to verify that all and only eligible cast balots are included in the count, and that all eligible votes are correctly interpreted, counted, and reported.
Certification of the Abstract of Votes requires the board to compare the abstract produced by the election system with an abstract that the board itself compiles.
When a recount is required, the canvass board is the authority that conducts the recount. The board has access to the resources needed to perform the recount tasks, establishes the recount procedures, and supervises the recount.
Correction Processing
Complaint Processing