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Colorado Voter Group

Working for transparent and verifiable elections.

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Colorado Election System
Colorado's election system suffers from its ad hoc, non-professional development.  Starting with no fundamental agreement on requirements and archictecture, the system lacks standards, enforcement, and even stakeholder agreement on the fundamentals.  Transparency and verifiability are not only weak, but strongly resisted by officials.
A group of bureaucrats, woefully lacking in systems development skills, are presently working to displace the current system with a politically driven replacement.  Colorado Voter Group views this activity with alarm, and has worked to force it into the sunshine.

"Democracies die behind closed doors." - Judge Damon Keith in a 2002 federal appeals court ruling

In January 2008, Senator Ken Gordon convened an "Election Forum" at the Colorado Supreme Court Chambers.  Click to see presentations and materials quickly assembled and presented at the Forum by Colorado Voter Group members.