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C.R.S. 1-10-101 (2014)

1-10-101. Canvass board for partisan elections - appointment, fees, oaths

(1) (a) At least fifteen days before any primary, general, congressional vacancy, or special legislative election, the county chairpersons of each of the two major political parties in each county shall certify to the county clerk and recorder, in the manner prescribed by such clerk and recorder, the appointment of one or more registered electors to serve as a member of the county canvass board.The appointees, together with the county clerk and recorder, constitute the county canvass board. Each minor political party whose candidate is on the ballot and each unaffiliated candidate whose name is on the ballot in such election may designate, in the manner prescribed by such clerk and recorder, one watcher to observe the work of the county canvass board.

(b) If for any reason an appointee to the county canvass board refuses, fails, or is unable to serve, the appointee shall notify the county clerk and recorder. The county clerk and recorder, by the speediest and most convenient method, shall notify the county chairperson of the political party to which the appointee belongs. The county chairperson shall forthwith appoint another person to the county canvass board. If the political party has no county chairperson or vice-chairperson or if a vacancy in the appointment occurs on the date of the meeting of the county canvass board so that there can be no specific compliance with the provisions of this section, the county clerk and recorder shall make the appointment or shall fill the vacancy as nearly in compliance with the intention of this section as possible.

(2) Each canvass board appointee shall receive a minimum fee of fifteen dollars for each day of service. The fee shall be set by the county clerk and recorder and shall be paid by the county for which the service is performed.

(3) Prior to assuming their duties, the members of the canvass board shall swear or affirm the following: "I, ...................., do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am a registered elector in precinct ...., in the county of ....................; that I am a registered member of the ............. party as shown on the registration books of the county clerk and recorder; and that I will faithfully perform the duties required of a member of the county canvass board."

(4) Any individual serving on a canvass board pursuant to this article is immune from liability in any proceeding that is based on an act or omission of the individual if:

(a) He or she was acting in good faith and within the scope of his or her official functions or duties as specified in this article; and

(b) The violation was not caused by willful or intentional misconduct on the part of the individual.