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Colorado Voter Group

Working for transparent and verifiable elections.

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About Us
Colorado Voter Group is a volunteer organization that advocates for elections that are:
  1. Transparent - meaning that all election records and processes are open to detailed public inspection.
  2. Verifiable - meaning that all election records are electronically published in industry standard formats.
  3. Anonymous - meaning ballots and votes cannot be associated with their voter.
To achieve this standard, election data, processes, and systems must be designed to detect and prevent the collection of data that could be used to determine a particular voter's vote.
Colorado Voter Group evolved from Citizens for Accurate Mail Ballot Election Results (CAMBER) which was founded in 1998.  We conduct independent research and analysis of election systems, educate the public and legislative bodies, and serve as a watchdog over election officials and systems.
Colorado Voter Group is managed by a Board of Trustees.  Membership is by invitation.   
Colorado Voter Group is a founding member of Citizen Center.