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Working for transparent and verifiable elections.

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Colorado Canvass Board Defects and Requirements.
August 14, 2014 -- A report detailing defects in Colorado's Election and Canvass Board rules and procedures was submitted to the Colorado Department of State Rulemaking committee.  The report shows that the current election rules do not provide the procedures needed to protect elections from error and fraud.  Because the report details specific defects in the 2014 primary election results, it has also been submitted to the Department as an election complaint.  Click below to read:


The government chose to omit the Colorado Voter Group submission from the list of public input. Click to see list of public input.  As of 4:00 PM 8/15/2014, the report is now published on the submissions webpage. 


Government's explanation for the omission, included in our 13 minute testimony, is available online.  Click to hear the audio of the August 14th Rulemaking hearing.  The Colorado Voter Group presentation is first and lasts about 13 minutes, including a statement in behalf of the Citizen Center. 




Boulder County Clerk Defies Canvass Board

False report submitted to Secretary of State


July 9, 2014 -- The chair of the Boulder County canvass board notified the Secretary of State that the 2014 primary election records submitted from Boulder County are false.  Click for more ...




Suit filed against West Metro Fire District


Colorado Union of Taxpayers and four district voters filed suit against the West Metro Fire District for violations of the voters’ rights to a  secret ballot in the May 6, Special District election. They seek to have the election voided.


As you know, the violation of this jealously guarded fundamental right is becoming a widespread problem in Colorado. The public is beginning to push back as CUT and these remarkable citizens are doing in filing this challenge to the District’s practices.  

Click to read the complaint filed in Jefferson County State District Courtthe West Metro Fire District Suit. (PDF 13MB)


Who is Colorado voter Group?
Colorado Voter Group members are invited volunteers who are active voters belonging to various political parties.
Colorado Voter Group works to ensure that:

1.Every eligible elector is given the opportunity to vote once.

2.No ineligible ballots are cast.

3.No ineligible votes are counted.

4.Every eligible vote is interpreted and counted once.

5.All election records and processes are transparent.

6.Every cast ballot and cast vote is anonymous.


Colorado Voter Group


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